‘good 4 u’ Singer Olivia Rodrigo Breaks Down Who She Really Is | MTV Push

Pubblicato il 24 mag 2021
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  • MTV


    21 giorno fa

    Olivia Rodrigo Performs ‘deja vu’ & ‘drivers license’ https://youtu.be/u4MoV2te34s

    • BOOM


      2 giorni fa

      bring back teen wolf



      21 giorno fa

      saw you commenting on every song of hers...

  • Cleck


    3 giorni fa

    anyone here because they were watching beavis and butthead clips and saw this in the description

  • Ó Cearbhaill Productions

    Ó Cearbhaill Productions

    6 giorni fa

    I dunno why this is being suggested on so many videos, but I bet it's cringe

  • Edward Nolan

    Edward Nolan

    6 giorni fa

    can u guys bring back beavis and butthead

  • Carmen Williamson

    Carmen Williamson

    7 giorni fa

    H middle name is Olivia and I’m and only child

  • l c

    l c

    8 giorni fa

    she kinda sigma human being..

  • Snugglepaw Digital Studios

    Snugglepaw Digital Studios

    9 giorni fa

    Why does this video now own every Beavis and Butthead clip on youtube?

  • C. Satia

    C. Satia

    12 giorni fa

    Hope she's isn't crazy like selena,miley, and Selena,, Disney stars....I feel like she had a crush on every guy

  • bruhmomentofficial


    13 giorni fa

    Anyone else had this video invasively recommended to them when they literally could not care less, I've already went here just to dislike and it's still showing up in my recommended.

  • Rudy


    14 giorni fa

    Oh Olivia! 😍👍

  • Xamel


    14 giorni fa

    Pizza is lame.

  • Bay Chatfield

    Bay Chatfield

    16 giorni fa

    Im a big fan of Olivia Rodrigo such a beautiful voice off my heart

  • KG Studios

    KG Studios

    17 giorni fa

    Let me do that acrostic poem for you, Liv:
    O - Optimistic
    L - Loving
    I - intelligent
    V- valiant
    I - Imaginative
    A - Amazing and Ambitious

  • Tara Chadda

    Tara Chadda

    17 giorni fa

    I’ve gone from obsessed with Taylor Swift to being obsessed with Taylor and Olivia!

  • Aisha K

    Aisha K

    17 giorni fa

    Livibear 🤚🤩💜💜

  • Bezza Beauty

    Bezza Beauty

    17 giorni fa

    Olivia Rodrigo is going to rule the world

  • revearmyb!ink


    18 giorni fa

    She talks just like conan😭
    Fake siblings for life!!!

  • Doggie Doggie

    Doggie Doggie

    18 giorni fa

    She looks like the girl from barzartback

  • Sonov Pru

    Sonov Pru

    18 giorni fa

    I feel like her parents raised her so well.

  • nessabirdie


    18 giorni fa

    Pisces ♓️ Gang!

  • ana luzia.

    ana luzia.

    18 giorni fa

    she's so sweet

  • Casey Goodnow

    Casey Goodnow

    19 giorni fa

    She actually is a cusp sign!! She is aquarius/pisces cusp which is literally called the cusp of Sensitivity!! Lol it fits and her style/vibe is so in line with her rising too being Capricorn and who else is a rising Cap?...Taylor Swift!❤💯

  • ryan ciani

    ryan ciani

    19 giorni fa

    olivia you cant be always cold you live in california and all you wear are long sleeves and pants. if anything you should be always hot

    • Jasmine K

      Jasmine K

      19 giorni fa

      Valkyrae lives in LA and is always cold 😅 it really just depends on your circulation and personal tolerance.

  • ryan ciani

    ryan ciani

    19 giorni fa

    olivia isnt a common name? olivia rodrigo, olivia holt, olivia somersille, olivia scriven, olivia haschak, olivia sanabia, olivia grace. all people named olivia. not uncommon so yeah your parents failed with that.

    • Doggie Doggie

      Doggie Doggie

      18 giorni fa

      Actually it is if u looked at the 2021 famous baby girl names

  • e v a n g e l y n

    e v a n g e l y n

    19 giorni fa

    she talks like conan grey

  • nonya business

    nonya business

    19 giorni fa

    lmao not me saying “yeah she’s introspective cause she’s a Pisces” and HER SAYING IT 10 SECONDS LATER

  • shabut


    19 giorni fa

    did you assholes run a 22 minute ad?

  • Aryanah Marker

    Aryanah Marker

    19 giorni fa

    This vid is kinda awkward

  • Ozzy U

    Ozzy U

    19 giorni fa

    Rihanna and Olivia share the same birthday !

  • Olive Burnham

    Olive Burnham

    20 giorni fa

    Finally someone who writes theirs a's like me

    • Jasmine K

      Jasmine K

      19 giorni fa

      I write mine like that too, it just looks way better with my handwriting

  • Dev P

    Dev P

    20 giorni fa

    yas introspective and emotional, representing pisces well girl ♓️

  • Hamida S

    Hamida S

    20 giorni fa

    Her dad’s a therapist! Would love to have a parent who has those skills lol.

  • Benjamin Albert

    Benjamin Albert

    20 giorni fa

    I'll keep you warm

  • Janice Pierson

    Janice Pierson

    20 giorni fa

    Wait wait wait folks!!
    Why tf is she sounding like James Charles???

  • Sav


    20 giorni fa

    her dad being a therapist explains so much

    • Tom 8

      Tom 8

      Giorno fa

      what does a therapist in US means? A Pschyo Therapist or a Psychiatrist?

    • jasmine flower

      jasmine flower

      9 giorni fa

      srsly tho

    • Sav


      19 giorni fa

      @Michael Klassen she's good at expressing her true emotions and not holding back

    • Michael Klassen

      Michael Klassen

      19 giorni fa

      What do you mean?

  • FitwithMark


    20 giorni fa

    Yesss fellow Pisces, I love you and your music!!!!

  • Tanishk Gupta

    Tanishk Gupta

    20 giorni fa

    What i think
    O - ORIGINAL ( as she doesn't hide her emotions and feelings)
    L - LOVELY ( as she is cute and pleasant )
    I - INNOCENT ( as her every move is innocent )
    V - VISIONARY ( as she started her singing career at 7 and now she constantly building it)
    I - INTELLIGENT ( as she represents herself very maturely and she is really smart )
    A - AMAZING ( as she is really really amazing and awesome )

  • chad willie reacts

    chad willie reacts

    20 giorni fa

    i literally love her so much.

  • The Jar

    The Jar

    20 giorni fa

    you erased the presentations of Britney Spears the most iconic presentation of all MTV Slave you, because they erased it, re-upload that very iconic presentation and also the one from 1999 when she shares the stage with nsync Britney Spears presented her debut single Baby One More time, re-upload these two presentations so iconic.

  • Jennie Rodrigo

    Jennie Rodrigo

    20 giorni fa

    I'm so happy to be a Pisces like Olivia 💖

  • Jennie Rodrigo

    Jennie Rodrigo

    20 giorni fa

    I love Olivia ❤

  • Liezl 00

    Liezl 00

    20 giorni fa

    I love you even more Olivia! We’re both into Robert Pattinson💕

  • multifandom


    20 giorni fa

    Olivia being obsessed with twilight
    Me: Same olivia SAME

  • David Pasillas

    David Pasillas

    20 giorni fa

    AMLO les a deber dicho me vendes o ya no vas a obtener petróleo ⛽️ crudo

  • The Lastrehays

    The Lastrehays

    21 giorno fa


  • rxdrigo


    21 giorno fa

    her album is iconic

  • Hannah Tapia

    Hannah Tapia

    21 giorno fa

    The fact that shes obsessed with Twilight and they congratulated on SOUR is amazing

  • Caleb Jeter

    Caleb Jeter

    21 giorno fa

    Favorite Movie... Twilight? Nah. Movie is 🗑

  • Cami p

    Cami p

    21 giorno fa

    i love her omfg

  • Harold Fridkis

    Harold Fridkis

    21 giorno fa

    U R such a sweet heart ❤️

  • emily reed

    emily reed

    21 giorno fa

    i still remember watching olivia in the American Girl Doll Movie, “Grace Stirs up Success!” she’s come so far🤩

    • ryan ciani

      ryan ciani

      19 giorni fa

      remember? its been 6 years not 26

  • Rafaela Ramos

    Rafaela Ramos

    21 giorno fa

    I love u Olivia so much omg

  • d


    21 giorno fa

    She deserves the world

  • Maryam Narsi

    Maryam Narsi

    21 giorno fa

    i am an only child too and a Pisces lol 🥺

  • bud na

    bud na

    21 giorno fa

    she seems like the sweetest person ever 🥺

  • Matthew Reddy

    Matthew Reddy

    21 giorno fa

    I'm living for all the Olivia content

  • betterlifediary


    21 giorno fa

    boost: last time u were annoyed at someone wat was it from?

  • Maria Arnault

    Maria Arnault

    21 giorno fa

    good 4 u is my absolute favorite, it makes me want to dance all around and then break a bunch of TVs xD

  • Nicholas Garrick

    Nicholas Garrick

    21 giorno fa

    Olivia: my favourite food is bread , and cheese
    Me: that my favourite food 😍❤.

  • Lucie B

    Lucie B

    21 giorno fa

    I NEED to be friends with her

  • delilah may

    delilah may

    21 giorno fa

    She’s the best part about being a Pisces

  • hellocharlieebarley


    21 giorno fa

    Ghost stories? Omfg petition for once October rolls around, she has a campfire segment where she tells scary story experiences cause I also love hearing scary stories

  • D Moon

    D Moon

    21 giorno fa

    her personality is so cute

  • Ella the dummo

    Ella the dummo

    21 giorno fa

    Simply ✨iconic✨

  • ZAYFER_09


    21 giorno fa

    MDS , Cantora Genética , nada de mais , Mais eh a Nova Queridinha , fazer o quê🤔

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    21 giorno fa

    ok but like can we talk about her handwriting like my hand could never

    • ryan ciani

      ryan ciani

      19 giorni fa

      mine looks like a 5th grader. its disgusting how bad write

  • Gus


    21 giorno fa

    I know nobody is going to watch it but I’ve made a cover of Olivia’s song 🥺
    If you watch it please let me know in tue comments

  • TheOne&Only StevieJ

    TheOne&Only StevieJ

    21 giorno fa

    Bro it woulda been so funny if she said “ I guess that therapist I found for you HE really helped” in good 4 u, after finding out her dad is a therapist 😂

  • Fxnjx


    21 giorno fa

    I am literally so in love with olivia 😍😩

  • Isabel Sophia

    Isabel Sophia

    21 giorno fa

    So you’re telling me olivia and I almost had the same name

  • Saudia Tate

    Saudia Tate

    21 giorno fa

    Rob Pattinson! relatable. her bubbly energy and spirit is so heartwarming!

  • Mary Kristel Gail Aldea

    Mary Kristel Gail Aldea

    21 giorno fa

    i feel like ican be bffs with Olivia cause we have so much in common 😍

  • Jerry The Alien

    Jerry The Alien

    21 giorno fa

    Ooh so Olivia was that girl with the good hand writing in school

  • Andrea


    21 giorno fa

    She loves Finn Wolfhard like me 😻❤

  • Olivia Steig

    Olivia Steig

    21 giorno fa

    my family calls me lou lou, lou. livie, livie lou, all of them except olivia lol. olivia means peace and my parents liked that and my best friend at my church has the name kaitlyn and i was almost named that but they chose olivia instead

  • Van To

    Van To

    21 giorno fa

    i am also chronically introspective, very emotional, and always cold so we're basicallly soulmates olivia

  • tuce 11

    tuce 11

    21 giorno fa

    I guess the therapist i found for u really help was her dad???

    • dayanara sipin

      dayanara sipin

      20 giorni fa


    • Halima Y

      Halima Y

      21 giorno fa

      Plot twisttt😭😭😭

  • RaphaCool Johnson

    RaphaCool Johnson

    21 giorno fa


  • Riley R

    Riley R

    21 giorno fa


  • willl


    21 giorno fa

    i’ve literally been annoying all the people i know to stream SOUR.

    • Nimrat Mand

      Nimrat Mand

      7 giorni fa

      Me too

    • Susanna Medeiros

      Susanna Medeiros

      15 giorni fa


    • Haley Rose

      Haley Rose

      17 giorni fa


    • willl


      18 giorni fa

      @Nacho Bae i’m obsessed with both. top 2 on my stan list xD

    • Nacho Bae

      Nacho Bae

      18 giorni fa

      same i went from being the ariana grande obsessed girl to being the olivia rodrigo obsessed girl

  • alyssa


    21 giorno fa

    why did i read this as "singer olivia rodrigo breaks down who 'good 4 u' is really about"?

  • Todd Smith

    Todd Smith

    21 giorno fa

    Ur funny this is my waver u call it but great quick convo......

  • Conray


    21 giorno fa

    I believe in Robert Pattinson supremacy!

  • Olivia Rodrigo

    Olivia Rodrigo

    21 giorno fa

    I want to know more about her personal fashion style

  • Niharika


    21 giorno fa

    She's so awesome omg

  • Kushagra Agarwal

    Kushagra Agarwal

    21 giorno fa

    Hey, I do music covers, it'd be really nice if you see them! ☺️

  • Ashitha J

    Ashitha J

    21 giorno fa

    didn't they already post this?

  • ruby garcia

    ruby garcia

    21 giorno fa

    Why y'all upload things twice I saw this video already.. kinda sus MTV

  • alexa soldo

    alexa soldo

    21 giorno fa

    i freaking love olivia. she is a literal angel and such a relatable queen. love you olivia 🤍

    • Kushagra Agarwal

      Kushagra Agarwal

      21 giorno fa

      Hey, I so music covers, it'd be really nice if you see them! ☺️

  • Kaylee


    21 giorno fa

    *sings only child by Rachel Berry* 😂😂😂😂



    21 giorno fa

    i love twilight tooo

  • Elisa Villegas

    Elisa Villegas

    21 giorno fa

    OMG! love u Olivia and your personality.

  • Dave M

    Dave M

    21 giorno fa


  • Isabella Siejkowski

    Isabella Siejkowski

    21 giorno fa

    my parents were deciding between isabella and kate, my name is isabella kate now and i’m pretty sure isabella was the most common name for the year i was born

    • Izzy McLean

      Izzy McLean

      20 giorni fa

      Imao my name is Isabella too, and it was one of the most popular names for when I was born

  • Famished Forlove

    Famished Forlove

    21 giorno fa

    Olivia is the most refreshing artist ever! It’s so rare for artists to be this open about themselves and talk about how dramatic teenagers can be😝lol

  • Mary Angel Prajesh

    Mary Angel Prajesh

    21 giorno fa


  • Camila Santos

    Camila Santos

    21 giorno fa

    Robert yeeessss

  • sethruiz603


    21 giorno fa

    I love you Olivia

  • Crisya


    21 giorno fa

    Me watching the whole vid: 😁

  • Mairin Gray

    Mairin Gray

    21 giorno fa